Our Services

RSM’s class action administration professionals have the skills and experience to develop custom solutions for each engagement. Our services cover a range of areas, including:

Legal Notification

RSM works with the parties and the Court to develop a notification plan that meets the needs of each specific engagement through mail and email notification. RSM is also able to assist with CAFA notification and compliance.

Data Management

We establish a custom database tailored for each case and create a secure environment as Class Member security and privacy is our top priority.


RSM offers call center services, custom website development, and a variety of communication elements to assist you with the effective and efficient administration of your settlement.

Call Center – RSM provides both interactive voice response (IVR) and live agent call-center services for Class Members to contact us with inquiries. Foreign language services, including dedicated live operators, are also available if necessary.

Website Implementation – We design and implement custom websites to suit the needs of each case. Whether the site simply houses necessary documents or requires a complex custom online claim filing platform, RSM can create a solution that will work for you.

Email Communications – RSM provides a case-specific email inbox for each settlement. Email responses are coordinated by implementing a consistent and comprehensive scripting process, utilizing personalized communication with Class Members.

Claims Management

RSM’s experienced staff members review all filed claim forms (physical and electronic) in accordance with procedures stipulated in court approved settlement agreements. In addition, we will inform all Class Members of any deficiencies and allow them appropriate time to revise their claims. Our audit driven methodology provides consistent and accurate results.


RSM coordinates all aspects of the settlement distribution process including printing and mailing checks, disbursement of electronic payments and other settlement benefits. RSM also coordinates with the bank to handle account managment and reconciliations and also strives to mitigate fraud.

Tax Services

RSM ensures that all tax obligations and filings are completed accurately and timely.