Class Action Services

Class Action Services

RSM is one of the nation’s leading Class Action Administration firms, providing a variety of services to the legal sector. RSM has numerous years of experience in the administration of settlements of all sizes and complexities. From legal notification to distribution, let RSM lead your next important administration.
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RSM’s Class Action Administration professionals have the skills and experience to administer projects of all sizes and complexities. Our professionals have extensive accounting, financial and computer programming capabilities. In addition, each member of the department has over 15 years of full-time class action administration experience.
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RSM invests time and money to understand the nuances of each specific case in order to provide a streamlined and efficient administration. Contact RSM today to discuss how we can assist you with your next project.
Consumer, Employment, Anti-trust, Securities, Victim Compensation Programs, Product Liability

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Highlighted Engagements

Nationwide Internet-Lending Settlement
RSM has been engaged to assist with the administration of a nationwide settlement involving a large consumer class of borrowers. This settlement was brought on behalf of individuals who obtained a loan or line of credit through an Internet Lending organization. The loans and lines of credit were allegedly made at annual interest rates greater than what is permitted by state usury laws and in some states where the lenders did not have the necessary licenses.

RSM provided a variety of administration services, including dissemination of the Court approved Notice via email and mail, development and maintenance of a series of settlement websites and calculation of the damages for each class member and the distribution of settlement funds.

This matter included over 1.8 million loans and lines of credit for over 1 million individual consumers. Due to the transient nature of the Class, RSM, in conjunction with Counsel, devised a plan to successfully locate current mailing addresses for over 99% of the Class, using several address verification processes (i.e. email validation, TIN matching, skip-tracing, etc.).

Nationwide Securities Settlement
RSM was engaged to assist with the administration of a $18 million nationwide securities settlement involving shareholders of a large publicly-held corporation. RSM provided a variety of administration services, including the mailing of the Court approved Notice and Claim Form, reviewing claim forms for accuracy, communication with the Class and the calculation of each class member’s portion of the settlement funds.

As part of our review process prior to dissemination of the settlement fund, we select claims for an in-depth review and confirmation process. During that phase of the settlement, RSM flagged several claims as suspicious. Upon further investigation, RSM uncovered the fraudulent filing of several claims that would have resulted in a payment of over $5 million. Due to this discovery, this amount was ultimately paid to the rightful Class Members. RSM was commended by the parties for its diligence in reviewing the claims.

Nationwide Background Check Settlement
RSM was engaged to assist with the administration of a nationwide settlement involving approximately 300,000 individuals whose background check information was determined to be incorrect.

In addition to the typical class action administration services we normally provide (notice mailing, website development, distribution of settlement fund, communication with the Class, etc.), Counsel relied upon us to perform various data related processes on millions of records in order to develop the list of eligible Class Members.