Information for Class Members

In order to help you file a properly completed Proof of Claim form, RSM US provides you with the following tips:

  • Contact Information – To enable us to contact you if needed, provide your full name, address, phone number and email address clearly and in printed form. Also, please remember to notify us of your new address if you move.
  • Social Security Number/Tax ID Number - Your accurate Social Security Number or Taxpayer Identification Number (if requested) is necessary and not providing this may prevent the verification of your claim or result in the rejection of your claim.
  • Transactional Information - Provide all requested information with respect to all of your holdings, purchases and/or sales during the specified time period. If additional space is needed, you can make a copy of the necessary page(s) of the Proof of Claim, and sign each additional page submitted.
  • Supporting Documentation - Include all necessary documentation to substantiate your claim. If you are uncertain what documentation is required, please refer to the Proof of Claim instructions. Original stock certificates are not deemed as proper supporting documentation.
  • Signature – It is necessary to sign your claim form. Claims must be signed by the actual claimant/beneficial owner, or an authorized legal representative. Executors, administrators, guardians and trustees may complete and sign a Proof of Claim on behalf of their client(s), but adequate evidence of the representative's authority to complete the claim must be provided. If joint filers are completing the claim form, both individuals must sign the form.
  • Copy of Claim - Keep a copy of your claim form and supporting documentation for your records.
  • Mailing Information – No acknowledgment will be made as to the receipt of claim forms. If you wish to be assured that your Proof of Claim is actually received by our office, then you should send it by Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested. However, this method is not required.
  • Completion of the Settlement - Please be patient. You should be aware that it takes a significant amount of time to fully process all the proofs of claim and to administer the Settlement. This work will be completed as promptly as time permits.