Broker, Nominee or Bank Information

All Brokers, Nominees or Banks who file electronically MUST submit a signed Master Proof of Claim form that includes a cover letter stating the number of accounts being filed, the number of data lines contained in the file, and the total number of shares. Also be sure to provide your contact information including an email address.

Note: Only one signature page is required for all of your accounts.

Your electronic data submission must meet the requirements listed on our website.

Please note, we are not authorized to adjust any electronic files. Therefore, if the file requirements are not met, we will ask you to submit a new file that meets these requirements.

We will confirm receipt of your claim submission whether you file electronically through our website or if you send us a CD or disk through the mail. All confirmations will include the total accounts filed and the number of shares submitted. We would appreciate it if you would review our information to make certain that we have all of your transactions.